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Coaching and counselling for people in their lives or relationships

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Troubled or stuck and want a way forward?

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Making better relationships in your life

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Helping you to decide what you want, and then get where you want to go

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Provoking change to achieve clarity and success.



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Coaching and Counselling

My soft yet firm style comes from years of experience

I am currently taking a sabbatical while I develop a new business venture.  I will be creating a new website in the near future, so please check in here periodically for new developments. Please know that I will no longer be working as a counsellor or life coach.

Should you wish to talk me for any other reason please contact me

Have you found yourself in difficult situation and you need help? Are your relationships (partner, family, friends or work) in trouble? Do you want to get somewhere in your life?

I facilitate and support people through

  • Life coaching and psychotherapy
  • Couple Counselling
  • Relationship coaching
  • Executive coaching and mentoring

I support you deal with your problems as an individual, along with your partner, or your team members, so that you can achieve your dreams. 

After facilitating you to see your way to the heart of the issues you face, I support you to then make the changes you want to make in ways that steady you as you face the challenges of the everyday (and those of the not-so-everyday).  

People often find they come away having changed the relationship they have with themselves, as well as with others.

My heart-warming yet unwavering approach comes from years of practical experience of coaching people in their life and relationships - at times under extreme pressure. I've logged over 600 coaching hours about life issues, and over 800 in relationship counselling, most with couples.

The confidence to do this was originally born of repeated success in Olympic sailing. Clients of mine have become some of the world's top sailors.

I work in Winchester, Hampshire, usually face-to-face, or via Skype/Zoom (individuals). So if you are from Southampton, Basingtoke, Chandlers Ford, Andover, Petersfield, anywhere inbetween or further afield, including across international borders, contact me.

Solo Coaching and Counselling

You may have one issue you want to deal with, or life might be messier than that. I help you to gain clarity on what you want, and together, we work to make that possible in your

  • life
  • love
  • work
  • and/or play

and in ways that are practical for the life you live. You will find yourself listened to, and encouraged to discover solutions that will work for you. In the process there will be times when emerging thinking is firmly challenged, to ensure that the effect of decisions made is robust, enduring and brings about the outcome you desire.


Counselling two people

Be listened to from a neutral and unjudgemental perspective
  • Couple Counselling
  • Coaching other relationships important to you
  • Partner and senior management coaching
  • Sports partnerships and campaign teams 

I work to facilitate change between any two people. I support couples as they deal with crises and make change happen.

Given that I work across work, life and play boundaries in my relationship counselling, it is a natural extension to work with people in other relationships which are important to them, but which could do with improvement. 

I know that helping crucial relationships to work at their best is critical to success for many people's personal and professional lives. I also assist senior executives and business partners, as well as sporting partnerships, to find ways of behaving more productively not just when things are going well, but also when life gets tough and emotions and/or personalities are involved.

Couple Counselling

In a partnership and in trouble? Want relationship counselling to make a good relationship better? Are you:

  • in crisis right now and need help?
  • missing that essential connection in your partnership?
  • coping with tragedy?
  • wanting to build on your bonds for the future?

Together we work on the dynamic of what is happening between you - what helps and what hinders you. My clients like me for being able to listen with close attention to both parties and without judging either. They also appreciate having sessions at times that fit in with their busy lives, following a flexible and bespoke programme. Give me a call if you think this will suit you, or go to the Couple Counselling page

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The journey is still tough but it is so much easier when there is a safe place to talk, to share and not shout or be shouted at.



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